Kostamos Yiacoumis


8” Gospel Splash

9” Extreme Splash

14” Abby Hi-Hats

16” Abby Crash

17” FXO 6B3

18” Abby Crash

19” Vintage Old school 1964 Crash/Ride

20” Abby Ride

21” Vintage Old School 1964 Crash/Ride

After a few years of exploring the right sound and equipment for his needs, Kostamos is proud to be endorsed by:

Mapex Drums
Soultone Cymbals
R-stick Drumsticks
Flix Products

R stick Drumsticks
Kostamos has design personal custom model drumsticks by R stick an amazing choice “and” very good quality, following” him “since 2009 . For his professional drumming Kostamos choose Hickory and Habr wood. His custom model is printing with personal logo designed by Petros Diamantoglou and Manos Saloustros.

Mapex Soultone R stick Cympad SkyGel Flix