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Stacey Lovett is wildly passionate about documenting the beauty in life, capturing the depth and soul of her subject in a savory aesthetic.

Her professional photography career began in advertising and event coverage and grew into editorial features and freelance branding.

She is also a writer covering music reviews & interviews for various outlets as well as currently documenting the growth of cannabis industry in Texas.


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In addition to being internationally published, she has been grateful to be a part of capturing events like Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, SXSW, Luck Reunion & Austin City Limits Music Festival and her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, SPIN, Metal Injection, Spotify, Ripple music label promotion, and a handful of album features.

She is currently based out of San Antonio, never hesitating to catch a good show up the road in Austin and always open to an adventure anywhere. Booking available for live music, promotional, branding, creative & design shoots.  Let’s make your vision come to life!

            "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" was my senior quote from Jimi Hendrix, my dream being to one day be a music journalist. I spent quite a few years 'listening' behind a desk in the corporate world before jumping back onto the path of my dream, this time behind a lens and a pen as a music photographer and writer. I have freelanced for various outlets from news (San Antonio Express News/Hearst) to entertainment (SXSW, Front Row Center, Rockstar Magazine, etc) and have absolutely fallen in love with what I do. Through the years I have grown my passion in covering the independent arts and entertainment scene providing a voice and a vision for artists otherwise not yet put in the mainstream spotlight.

Once a foodie, always a foodie. I grew up in Europe and learned to appreciate food and culture in every way. This has not left me and I often times shop for random pretty things to put in front of my lens which leads to a personal episode of Chopped most weeks in my kitchen. It's all in good fun and I can definitely add making a mean marsala to my resume. I understand the passion that goes into the culinary arts as well as the importance of honoring the daily ritual of nourishment to ourselves as food truly is a love language that transcends all other boundaries.

The theme of honoring and balancing body, mind & spirit in my life also translates out into my writing interests as holistic health and spirituality is a considerable interest of mine as well. Certified in both human and equine energy and consciousness healing modalities, I continuously read on topics of health and wellness and enjoy penning my own thoughts on the matter as well.

You could really sum it all up by saying I simply love translating the beauty of the world in my art.

Stacey Lovet
Stacey Lovett



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