Kostamos Yiacoumis
Musician Drummer Projects

Hell yeah!! Bull y Los Bufalos we just won the award "BEST SPANISH HARD ROCK BAND IN TEXAS! By @MXD MAG Rock and Metal Awards 2019. Thank you very much for your votes and support! Very proud and grateful! Jonas Saks, Skunk Manhattan, Kostamos Yiacoumis and myself Bull-Diego Avello have been working really hard! The ceremony will be on August 31st at Z Grill and Tap in Dallas TX! We will be playing there! It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll! Thank you very much again
Bull y Los Búfalos
Deann Rene
Deann Rene's music is strong willed from the heart songwriting. She writes about her own life experiences touching on subjects that are real and some times controversial leaving the listener relating emotionally with her music and wanting more.

Deann has been singing and performing since she could walk and talk. Her childhood was music-centric; her parents were music instructors, and they taught kids in elementary school up through high school. Deann started her musical career with the piano at age 5 and clarinet, which she started playing in middle school. She began writing songs while sitting at the piano, then picked up the guitar after college and continued writing. Besides her parents musical influence, Deann is inspired by many artists, including Prince, Michael Jackson, Linda Perry, Sheryl Crowe, Adel and many more. She performs regularly in Austin Tx


Sefo is an independent guitarist, singer and songwriter from Madrid, Spain. He is the only musician of his generation to have been part of the last band of the amazing Spanish artist, Antonio Vega, who influenced him greatly.
He travels internationally through Central and South America as the lead guitarist for the international Grammy winner Franco De Vita. He has played in worldwide venues such as Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Jocelyn Donegan

Clutching the mic, and claiming sovereignty over your senses with an instantly addictive-to-your-core rock sound, Jocelyn provokes audiences with unrivaled potency, exuberance, and charisma. Not just a powerful female voice, but also a force to be reckoned with, Jocelyn's a true storyteller and is so raw, vulnerable, and honest that there's no keeping your soul to yourself.

Passionately performing the timeless music of the greatest rock band ever assembled, Led Zeppelin!
Cari Hutson - lead vocals
Jocelyn Donegan - vocals
Ron D'Argenio-keyboards, harmonica, theremin
Palli Pal-bass
Kostamos Yiacoumis-percussion
Tim Veillon-guitars, vocals
Mark Miller-guitars, vocals

Tex Zep
Tex Zep

Rockwell Harrison is a songwriting and performance duo based in Austin, TX.